The Great Staffordshire Picnic

What is the Great Staffordshire Picnic? 

The project, managed by the Staffordshire Partnership and funded by the Natonal Lottery, will over a two year period, focus on 14 schools within urban areas of Staffordshire, targeting 300 young people aged 11- 13.  Our aim is to change young people’s attitudes to healthy eating and lifestyle  choices  by increasing their knowledge of local food through sustained relationships between community based small food producers and their local schools. 

‘The Great Staffordshire Picnic’ will launch a local food 'Challenge'- tasking young people to construct, source and make a nutritional picnic dish, utilizing local products. Taking account of cultural diversity issues, the Challenge will give young people direct experiences of product development from ‘farm to fork’. Young people, their teachers and parents will visit local producers, to see at first hand the techniques, processes and the sustainable challenges of land management and food production. The Food Producers will advise children on aspects of design, preparation, ingredient sourcing and food growing techniques linked to their picnic dish. For the Food Producers this will give them an opportunity to directly influence the next generation of consumers.  

The 'Challenge' will culminate in The Great Staffordshire Picnic at which the young people, parents, producers and community partners will attend to present, celebrate and showcase their achievement. The menu for the Great Staffordshire Picnic and the processes leading to its creation will be published as well as a web based learning resource and promoted to all schools across the sub region.

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