Programmes & Challenges

Alongside our central provision we also co-ordinate several specialist programmes and challenges across KS2 - KS4, often in partnership with other organisations:


Age/Group  Outline of activity Time of Year
Media Challenge Year 6 and Year 9 In partnership with the emergency services, young people report on a ‘real life’ scenario  Summer Term
Argos Challenge Year 12 Business Students Business/Retail Challenge in Partnership with Argos  Autumn Term
Newsletter Challenge Year 12 Creative & Media Students Journalism/News reporting challenge in Partnership with Staffordshire Newsletter  Spring Term
Heritage & Construction Week Year 10 Mainstream and Special Schools  Heritage & Construction activities at Stafford Castle  Summer Term
Tomorrows Manager Today Year 10 - Year 12 Enterprise/business challenge running a bespoke van company  Anytime
Bridging the Gap Year 6 – Year 13 Cross phase Bridge Building construction challenge  Summer Term

For further information, please call the Partnership Office 01785 353501.


European Social Fund project which is designed for young people already aged 16-19

Added: 04/12/2009

APEX is managed by the Staffordshire Partnership with funding from the Stoke Challenge

Added: 04/12/2009
The Great Staffordshire Picnic

The project, managed by the Staffordshire Partnership and funded by the Natonal Lottery, will over a two year period, focus on 14 schools within urban areas of Staffordshire.

Added: 12/01/2010