Enterprise Education

Enterprise Education aims to help young people to become more enterprising, to become entrepreneurs and to bring about a major expansion in the skills of Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation through:

  • Building enterprise capability
  • Focussing on enterprise activity
  • Developing economic and business understanding
  • Developing skills relating to financial capability
  • Developing skills relating to sustainability and social responsibility

Primary Enterprise Education Programme

The programme aims to raise aspirations and increase pupils' understanding of the world of work and their future role in adult life; additionally promoting progression in lifelong learning and skills' development.

The primary programme supports two projects:

  • Phoenix Aimhigher
  • Young Enterprise Primary Programme (YEPP)

Phoenix Aimhigher

This is a facilitative programme allowing schools to dovetail the project into their existing calendar, based upon the simplistic plan, do, and review principle. A major launch in November, coincides with National Enterprise Week providing resources, inspiration and guidance at a Big Ideas Day involving entrepreneurs, local businesses and HE Full Circle.  Following implementation of a mini-enterprise or venture a review/celebratory day is held in June to evaluate success.

Young Enterprise Primary Programme (6 Sessions to suit school)

A variety of hands-on activities enable children between the ages of 5 and 11 years, to better understand the relationship between what they learn in school and their role in the economy. The programme is based on economic concepts designed for each level of primary pupil, which can be integrated into the general curriculum, and are supported by the participation of volunteers from business. Each project, which lasts 5-6 sessions, is designed around a theme from learning about economic roles of the individual (Ourselves), to learning about world resources, economic systems and global trade (Our World). Optional, is a half-day business/works visit hosted by the volunteer Business Partner. To date the Primary Programme has involved 1448 pupils!